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i-Psych Assessment Software & Services

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i-Psych Assessment Software & Services


i-Psych Assessment Software

i-Psych create assessment software for specialists working with children and adults.

The philosophy underpinning all the software is that the use of the computer must add something uniquely useful to the assessment process.  

Some assessments are designed to be interactive processes, and others display psychological information in a particularly useful way.

Training in the use of the following software assessments is also available:  Affinity assessment of paedophile sexual interest, ISOPS internet offender assessment procedure, In My Shoes interview toolkit, This Much! interactive visual analogue scale  and This Feeling (in association with Child & Family Training)

i-Psych Assessment Services

Mental Capacity/Intellectual functioning
Capacity to protect/parent
Care/treatment plan appraisal
Drug & alcohol misuse/dependence
Psychopathology, therapeutic needs, treatability & risk reduction
Personality disorder & risk of harm to self or others
Emotional & physical child abuse potential
Assessment of family history & relationships
General psychopathology & risk of harm to self or others
Violence risk assessment 
Investigative interview regarding possible abuse
Risk of sexual offending/abuse
Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) Interview validation analysis.
Risk of harm regarding Internet offending/pornography use
Observation & analysis of Contact 
Aff.jpgAffinity 2.5 is an ipsative computer based assessment of sexual interest running in Mac and Windows computers.  It was designed to be used with those who have committed sexual offences, or who may be at risk of so doing. It can be used with adults and juveniles, including those with an intellectual disability.  It combines 2 overt measures of  sexual interest (offering an opportunity for an individual to report sexual preferences in some detail), with a covert, validity measure.  More...

TM.jpgThis Much! is interactive visual analog scale software (free evaluation copy available). It generates both quantitative data and qualitative information, using a combination of graphics, text, symbols images and animation.

It may be used working therapeutically with children to either assess wishes and feelings, or measure symptoms.   More...
    ISOPS.jpgThe Internet Sex Offender Profiling System (ISOPS)  software constitutes one element of a system for risk assessment of sex offenders.  In isolation, it does not constitute a risk assessment.  It must be combined with appropriate psychometric assessment, interview and content analysis of sexually explicit material (SEM).  More...

CRC.jpgCIRCLE stands for Circumplex of Interpersonal Relationships in Closed Living Environments. It was developed by Prof. Ron Blackburn in order to give a measure of interpersonal characteristics of adults in secure psychiatric settings. Its great strength is that it is based not on self report, but on staff observation. This means that individuals assessed may be unwilling or unable to complete a conventional self report measure. More...

  SIPS.jpgThe Sexual Interest Profiling System is a computer-administered and scored version of the  former Sexual Deviance Card Sort (Laws, Hanson, Osborn, & Greenbaum,  2000).  A remarkably direct idiographic measure of various facets of sexual interest.  More...

PaTsi.jpgPaTSI (free to download and use) is a simple utility that can be used to aggregate data generated by the Trauma Symptom Inventory software   If placed in a folder containing Trauma Symptom Inventory (TSI) report files, (suffix= .RPT - Briere,1996 ) it will list them for selection.  Once any number of files is selected, PaTSI will display the data one case per row. These can then be copied and pasted for statistical analysis, which saves a lot of time copying or retyping for researchers aggregating TS Data.  More...
 In my Shoes (IMS) is a computer package that helps children and vulnerable adults communicate about potentially distressing experiences. 
It was originally designed to be used with children who may have been abused, but extensive pilot testing shows it can be used in a wide range of circumstances.  More...

Clinical & Forensic Psychology Services

Assessment and reports are offered in a range of forensic contexts, including tribunals, civil and criminal proceedings.  

Typically, instructions relate to cases in which there are particularly difficult issues of capacity or risk by virtue of complex clinical history, intellectual disability, or history of offending or abuse.  Areas of special expertise include:

Obtain an estimate, or make a provisional booking This Much - Windows and Mac compatible